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Can I customize my order? YES! Send me a message at I specialize in custom jewelry and I would love to help you make your idea come alive! Don't have an idea yet, but want something really special? Check out my blog, facebook or instagram account to see what I have done before. I hope it sparks your imagination.

How many beads fit in a nest? The sky is the limit for my nest necklaces. I have fit up to a dozen beads in one nest, but generally 7 or less looks best. And for my pea pods and nest bracelets, generally 4 or less looks best. The more that you need, the smaller beads I will use to create your piece.

What color of beads should I choose? I typically use White Swarovski pearls to represent miscarriages and children no longer living. Then for living children I use turquoise Howlite for nests and green stones or pearls for pea pods. However, having said that, I am passionate about letting you design the piece that best fits your family. Have a different idea or colors in mind? Or do you want birthstone colored pearls? I can totally do that and look forward to hearing your ideas. Message me at if you have any questions.

What materials do you use? My materials vary from piece to piece, but my jewelry wire is  Fine (.999) Silver Plated with a copper core and has a non-tarnish coating on the outside. The chain I use is all silver plated with lobster clasps. And my fertility pieces are made with real gemstones.

What is a "stamped" bird? Stamping is the technique of hitting an impression into a piece of metal. So stamping on a bird is putting a word, date, verse or other symbols into the metal bird. It is a great way to customize your piece and make it really special. Please note that I can only fit a certain number of characters on each bird.

Can I send my order as a gift? - Yes! I package all of my orders like a gift. I never include receipts and I am more than happy to include a gift note from you. There is no charge for this service. I want every order to feel like a special gift, even if you order something for yourself!

What is your return policy? Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. If you are happy with your order, we would appreciate your positive feedback!

Each and every order is custom made for you. For this reason we evaluate every request for returns and refunds. Should there be an error, discrepancy, or damage made to the order, please contact us within 14 days of receiving the order. Email and we will address the issue at once!!

See our Return Policy for full details

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